I work for Chef Software, and I have a consultancy called Loom Technology.

I’m from Alaska, I can work in America and Canada, and I live in Oakland, California. I’m a musician, an environmentalist, and a frequent traveler.

I am a software engineer

I come from a software design / engineering / academia background. I live in Oakland, California. I love working on software. I love helping teams identify how to become successful in automation, given their unique busniess requirements and infrastructure.

You can hire me to help you automate your infrastructure

I am available for hire through my consultancy, Loom Technology. I’ve consulted with pretty much any shape and size of company / enterprise / team.

My work history in brief

I’ve worked at a lot of great places as a full-time employee and as a contractor. I’ve been at Chef, Salesforce, AKQA, MAYA Design, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Alaska Anchorage, and I’ve consulted at lots of places, like ones in Redmond, WA, and other Fortune 10..500 companies!